Live Longer

Knowledge is power

Education about the physiology of Cystic Fibrosis is critical in managing the physical symptoms through prescribed medications and treatments.  Most physicians and CF organizations provide extensive materials and education on the physical manifestation and medical management of CF.

The CFLF mission to promote active lifestyles and healthy attitudes through recreation aims to provide experiential education, which teaches positive ways to live with CF on a daily basis, and incorporate it as part of one's identity.

Young people able to be educated through experience learn, in very tangible ways, valuable qualities through success, achievement, teamwork, risk and trust.  It is through these experiences that adolescents and young adults, learning to become responsible for their own care, also learn an optimistic view of how important their lifestyle choices are in successfully living with cystic fibrosis.

While Grant Recipients are provided with video and published materials that address the importance of exercise in managing their cystic fibrosis, CFLF seeks to share some of those materials with friends, family, and the general public as well.

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