Peer Support

Julian Downey

Julian loves to play sports like baseball, football, and karate. He likes karate because it keeps him going. Karate exercises his muscles and keeps him moving all the time. His doctors have told him that doing exercise regularly will help keep his lungs healthy. Being able to go to baseball camp will help him get better at baseball and help him overall with the sports that he plays.

Tiana Davis-Seymour

Swimming and running are two of Tiana's favorite activities. She loves being in the water and swimming underwater, holding her breath. She not only finds the water a happy place to be, but also realizes that it helps her lungs by getting activity. She also enjoys running around and the feel of the wind blowing through her hair, but also the loosening and clearing of her lung congestion. She feels as though both of these activities contribute to her lung function improving.

Jose Chavez

Jose loves to play basketball but as he has gotten older, he hasn't been able, or motivated, to keep playing. He knows that a gym membership will encourage him to stay active and healthy and therefore help his lungs get stronger and clearer. Working out regularly will help improve his breathing so he won't get tired so easily.

Jesus Chavez

When Jesus was younger, he was able to participate in sports, which helped keep him healthy. As an adult he has found that going to the gym regularly has also helped his health. He pushes himself so he will get stronger and not get tired or out of breath easily. Jesus goes to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, even if he is feeling tired. Staying strong and active has allowed him to do all the other things he enjoys in life like playing basketball, or baseball, or riding his bike.

Luis Canales

Luis is a passionate young man who enjoys anything that keeps him physically active. His favorite activities include tennis, going to the gym for weightlifting and riding the stationary bike, and learning how to swim. With his girlfriend Vanessa as his Peer Support person, there is a motivating and supportive companion. She helps drive Luis to be healthy so their time is primarily spent enjoying activities together, instead of being in the hospital. Luis realizes that exercise helps him in dealing with his CF mentally, as much as physically.

Alex Campbell

Alex loves to play sports like soccer and basketball. He used to live in Mexico and was always playing soccer. Running around helps clear his lungs and lets him have fun. Having a gym membership would allow him to play the sports he likes as well as using the pool for swimming, and the rock wall to climb on.

Austin Blackburn

Austin has recently started cheerleading and has found that it helps his CF significantly. Being a cheerleader means being in top physical condition. Austin knows that by staying active he will be healthy and his lungs will be stronger.

Jeen Battah-Melendez

Although Jeen likes to participate in a variety of activities, there isn't one that she likes better than the others. She knows that exercising regularly is a huge part of her airway clearance routine. Jeen finds that exercise makes her feel better emotionally as well as clearing out her lungs in a way that her vest cannot. Now that her kids are grown up, she has time to spend on taking better care of herself. She is looking forward to getting a gym membership with her husband and trying some new activities.

Shauntianna Anderson

Shauntianna applied for a Peer Support Recreation Grant so that she would be able to work out on a more regular basis with the support and help of her sister LaToya. While Shauntianna did not have the financial means to obtain a membership or gym equipment on her own, a recent hospitalization enabled her access to a treadmill, and felt noticeably better. She is looking forward to the regular access to all the weights and equipment necessary to help her lungs and body be in better shape.


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