Peer Support

Faith Khoma

Faith's favorite physical activity is gymnastics because it's fun and it keeps her healthy. Participating in gymnastics lets her spend time with her friends, while also keeping her lungs strong and clear. Faith works very hard and wants to continue to do gymnastics so she can win first place at competitions.

Jacob Hanania

Jacob's favorite physical activities are football and swimming. Playing sports makes him more active, and it exercises his lungs and makes him healthier. Going to sports camp will let him get better at sports and help him to make new friends.

Erin Gunn

As a second-time grant recipient, Erin is a powerful example of the various benefits exercise can have in one's life. With her husband as her continuing Peer Support person, she is motivated and supported not only in her life with CF, but also in her exercise swimming and working out at the gym. Although the effort Erin puts toward her treatments, medications and exercise seems relentless at times, she considers it a small sacrifice.

Naomi Guillemin

Naomi has lots of different physical activities that she enjoys, like Zumba, hot hula, swimming, and yoga. She has found that the different activities affect her differently. Swimming helps her breathing, yoga relaxes her, Zumba gives her energy, and hot hula helps make her stronger. Naomi is a very determined and self-motivated 13-year-old. She has done research in her science classes to learn more about CF and what her body needs to be healthy. She knows that exercise will make her healthier and stronger than ever before.

Grace Gastreich

Being able to go to summer swim camp would allow Grace to swim in the hot weather. Swimming when it's hot out is one of Grace's favorite things because she gets to cool off and hang out with her friends. When she swims, she has to take deep breaths, which she knows makes her lungs strong. She hopes that if she practices her swimming and works hard she will be able to join the swim team.

Martha Garvey

Martha loves to snowboard because it allows her to feel in control. With her CF she doesn't always feel in control, but carving down a mountain on her snowboard makes her feel alive and like she's controlling her life. She knows that being out in the fresh air getting exercise helps her lungs. She feels happiest when there is a snowboard attached to her feet.

Mitchell Courtright

Mitchell isn't always able to go outside in the winter to get exercise so gymnastics is the perfect way for him to stay active. Doing gymnastics allows him to do things he loves like climbing and hanging on things. He also loves to play on the trampoline, which is really good for his lungs.

Cadence Foynes

Cadence is a very energetic four-year old. She loves to dance, jump, and play with her friends. Dancing is especially fun for Cadence. It not only makes her stronger and healthier, but it also makes it easier for her to breathe. She loves to dance because she is good at it, and she gets to do it with her favorite friend.

Thomas Ellison

Thomas loves to lift weights because it allows him to get stronger and feel like a normal person. It helps his self-esteem to challenge himself and lift more. Working out also helps relieve his stress and improve his overall health. He works hard to stay healthy. Even though at times his CF can be discouraging, he knows that exercising will help him feel better.

Tovah Duffaut

Tovah knows that exercise is especially important for her because of her CF. She has been cheerleading for a few years and can't imagine her life without it. "It is not only physically a lot of hard work, but being part of a team makes me work harder so I do not let anyone (including myself) down."


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