Kylee Wornell

Kylee understands the importance of keeping her lungs active. Her two favorite activities are horseback riding and hot yoga, both of which she finds physically and mentally challenging. Needing to stop teaching after five years because of constantly becoming sick, has taken an emotional and financial toll on Klyee. She finds her motivation to exercise often to be lacking when it is up to her alone.

Corey Gradin

A few summers ago Corey spent some time doing a lot of swimming and noticed how it drastically improved her lung function and physical stamina. Since then she has tried to continue a routine of swimming regularly. "Though it's one of the hardest kinds of endurances to build up and easiest to lose, it also reminds me I can do more and be more confident in my body." Swimming and getting good at it have been an important and constructive escape as well as being good for her physically.

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