Gym Membership

Avery Barrera

Avery's favorite physical activity is swimming because it gives the whole body a workout, and his lungs always feel so clear after. However, he always felt as though he was not as fit as others, and was always too skinny. In trying to build muscle mass, Avery tried going to the gym with two of his best friends, and found he really enjoyed it. His request for a gym membership enables him to spend more time with his friends in a productive manner, while also building his confidence and self-esteem.

Shauntianna Anderson

Shauntianna applied for a Peer Support Recreation Grant so that she would be able to work out on a more regular basis with the support and help of her sister LaToya. While Shauntianna did not have the financial means to obtain a membership or gym equipment on her own, a recent hospitalization enabled her access to a treadmill, and felt noticeably better. She is looking forward to the regular access to all the weights and equipment necessary to help her lungs and body be in better shape.


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