Gym Membership

Collin Dougherty

Collin's favorite activities are swimming and playing basketball. He finds that swimming helps his breathing because he has to hold his breath for a long time. Playing basketball helps his lungs because of all the running around. When he does these activities, it takes his mind off his CF and it lets him have fun. Being able to have access to a gym would allow him to exercise more and get healthier; it would also help him make new friends.

Tina Chieco

When Tina was younger, she played sports but as she has gotten older, it has become harder. She has a young daughter and wants to do everything she can to be healthy for her as she grows up. Having a gym membership has improved her lung function and overall well-being. Tina works very hard at everything she does and will continue to make a difference in her health as she gets older with CF.

Jose Chavez

Jose loves to play basketball but as he has gotten older, he hasn't been able, or motivated, to keep playing. He knows that a gym membership will encourage him to stay active and healthy and therefore help his lungs get stronger and clearer. Working out regularly will help improve his breathing so he won't get tired so easily.

Jesus Chavez

When Jesus was younger, he was able to participate in sports, which helped keep him healthy. As an adult he has found that going to the gym regularly has also helped his health. He pushes himself so he will get stronger and not get tired or out of breath easily. Jesus goes to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, even if he is feeling tired. Staying strong and active has allowed him to do all the other things he enjoys in life like playing basketball, or baseball, or riding his bike.

Luis Canales

Luis is a passionate young man who enjoys anything that keeps him physically active. His favorite activities include tennis, going to the gym for weightlifting and riding the stationary bike, and learning how to swim. With his girlfriend Vanessa as his Peer Support person, there is a motivating and supportive companion. She helps drive Luis to be healthy so their time is primarily spent enjoying activities together, instead of being in the hospital. Luis realizes that exercise helps him in dealing with his CF mentally, as much as physically.

Bree Bowers

Running, for Bree, is liberating and powerful. Since her lung transplant in 2011, she has found a greater love and appreciation of being active and living life to its fullest. "This grant will help improve my life by giving me the opportunity to go to the gym for the next three years.

Bree Bowers

As a second-time grant recipient, Bree has realized an ongoing positive effect from exercise on her lung function scores, as well as emotional well-being. Her commitment to regular exercise at the gym has also paid off with her increased stamina, which she has found helpful in both hiking and running. Her photo shows her at the top of the Hollywood sign in LA. "Thanks to the exercise I have been able to do through the CFLF grant given to me for a gym membership, I had built up the strength and stamina needed in order to hike to the top of the sign without needing to stop for rest.

Alyson Boltz

Alyson recently decided that she needed to make her health her number one priority. Her CF care is very time consuming and through yoga and working out, she has been able to learn ways to cope with the stress of it all. She knows that having a gym membership would force her to stay motivated and on top of her health. "When I used to have a gym membership, I always loved how accomplished I felt when I finished my workout. I would love to feel that way again!" Alyson used her grant to get a gym membership.

Francisco Beck

Francisco enjoys weightlifting because he feels it not only helps him through developing steady breathing, but also is helpful in relieving stress. "I think this grant will help me improve my lung function, put on some weight, and get back to enjoying the sports and activities I usually like to take part in." Francisco is clearly motivated to continue to improve his lung function and looks forward to doing so with the help of this grant for a gym membership.

Jeen Battah-Melendez

Although Jeen likes to participate in a variety of activities, there isn't one that she likes better than the others. She knows that exercising regularly is a huge part of her airway clearance routine. Jeen finds that exercise makes her feel better emotionally as well as clearing out her lungs in a way that her vest cannot. Now that her kids are grown up, she has time to spend on taking better care of herself. She is looking forward to getting a gym membership with her husband and trying some new activities.


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