Gym Membership

Matthew Lail

Matthew has always loved riding and showing horses. His family has had horses for years, and he feels that riding and showing are "in his blood." Other than riding horses, he has found that having a gym membership has helped his CF a great deal, and it makes him strong so he can keep riding horses. Going to the gym regularly gives him social interaction that he doesn't get as much since he stopped working. Matthew works really hard to stay compliant with all of his treatments and medications, and knows that a gym membership would help him to keep even healthier.

Danielle Kemper

Running is difficult at times for Danielle, but she loves how she feels after so she keeps doing it. Now that she has a toddler she wants to stay as active as possible so she is healthy enough to take care of her daughter. Having a gym membership would motivate her to keep running and exercising regularly.

Shannon Kalahar

Shannon has been swimming since she was very young. She swam competitively for all of her childhood and teenage years. When she went into college, she switched to running. Shannon is a very focused and determined person and wants to do as much as she can to stay healthy. She knows that being able to have a gym membership where she can use a pool regularly is going to boost her health even more. "Swimming has taught me self-confidence and respect for my body. My lungs stayed cleared, and I stayed out of the hospital (and in the pool) almost all the way through high school...

Rae Lynn Haliday

Rae has noticed the huge impact that working out 4 or 5 times a week has had on her lungs and overall strength. "I sleep better, I feel better, I breathe better, and my quality of life is much better." Pushing herself to keep exercising and staying physically fit also helps her lung function, which keeps her out of the hospital.

Erin Gunn

As a second-time grant recipient, Erin is a powerful example of the various benefits exercise can have in one's life. With her husband as her continuing Peer Support person, she is motivated and supported not only in her life with CF, but also in her exercise swimming and working out at the gym. Although the effort Erin puts toward her treatments, medications and exercise seems relentless at times, she considers it a small sacrifice.

Naomi Guillemin

Naomi has lots of different physical activities that she enjoys, like Zumba, hot hula, swimming, and yoga. She has found that the different activities affect her differently. Swimming helps her breathing, yoga relaxes her, Zumba gives her energy, and hot hula helps make her stronger. Naomi is a very determined and self-motivated 13-year-old. She has done research in her science classes to learn more about CF and what her body needs to be healthy. She knows that exercise will make her healthier and stronger than ever before.

Larry Gainus

Larry has found over the last few years that working out and exercising has had a huge impact on his CF health. Being able to stay active gives him a sense of normalcy. Getting a gym membership would give Larry something to look forward to and would motivate him to continue to exercise and eat right. It would be a positive thing for him when a lot of the things he deals with on a daily basis are negative.

Robert Fahie

Robert loves to take walks and is lucky enough to live close enough to the beach to walk there. Walking next to the ocean calms his mind and reminds him to stay positive about his CF. Becoming a member at a gym would allow Robert to stay active year round. He wants to have a high quality of life, and he knows that working out will help him reach that goal.

Klyn Elsbury

Klyn knows that staying fit and active is the only way she is going to be able to keep up with her peers and do the things she enjoys doing, like surfing, running, working out, and laughing. She knows that when she doesn't stay active she ends up in the hospital. She has learned over the years that in order to enjoy life, she will always have to work twice as hard as other girls her age.

Thomas Ellison

Thomas loves to lift weights because it allows him to get stronger and feel like a normal person. It helps his self-esteem to challenge himself and lift more. Working out also helps relieve his stress and improve his overall health. He works hard to stay healthy. Even though at times his CF can be discouraging, he knows that exercising will help him feel better.


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