Gym Membership

Rafael Ruffo

After finding out only a year and a half ago that he had CF, Rafael has been running as much as possible. Having a gym membership would allow him to run all year long and at any time of day, in any weather. Running helps him physically and mentally, and he knows without it, he would not be as healthy as he is today. He feels that his exercise routine is key in fighting cystic fibrosis and enjoying his time with his kids and seeing them grow older and have kids of their own.

Teala Rowe

Teala is a second-time grant recipient who applied for a grant for a YMCA gym membership, which will enable her to work out and participate in Zumba classes. While she enjoys modeling, Teala knows that her efforts to keep up a healthy weight also require her to work out and stay in shape. With the variety of activities and classes offered at the Y, she looks forward to continually trying new things that help improve her health and help her lungs feel better. "I know that when my lungs feel better that I feel better, and that is why this grant is so important to me."

Anthony Rowe

Anthony enjoys playing baseball very much, which he finds helps with his CF by the physical workouts required in training for any given game. He enjoys the sport because it is fun, and he gets to be with his friends. Getting a gym membership at the YMCA will help Anthony stay in shape. "I know this grant would help improve my life because going to the YMCA can be lots of fun with many things to do to help improve my strength and health."

Bernard Price

When Bernard is lifting weights, it makes him feel like he has power in his life, like he can do anything he wants. When he works out, he forgets that he has CF and can keep up with the others around him. Weightlifting also helps him mentally by putting him in a good mood, that no one can bring down. Having a gym membership is important to Bernard because it would get him out of the house and give him something to look forward to.

Robert Nichols

As a police officer Robert knows he has to have a way to keep his mind clear and a way to deal with stress. He loves to golf and ride his motorcycle with his wife. These things take endurance and strength, which he knows he will gain by working out at a gym regularly. By working hard and exercising, he hopes to achieve a level of fitness that will keep him moving forward.

Natalie Newman

Natalie has a lot of activities that she enjoys like riding her bike, gymnastics, jumping on her trampoline, and swimming. She knows that in order to keep doing these activities, she has to be strong and healthy though. Working out with her personal trainer has helped her build muscle and strength, which allows her to play as much as she wants. "I would like to have this grant so that I can be healthier and so I can live longer."

Contessa Muniz

Contessa is a middle school teacher, and after running around after kids all day, she doesn't always have the energy to exercise. Having a gym membership would allow her to work out regularly and increase her strength and stamina. It would also help her overall physical fitness and lung function. Contessa wants to do everything she can to keep herself healthy and active.

Ashley Josselyn

Ashley requested a Peer Support grant that would enable her to exercise with her husband, Mark as her companion. While Ashley, like many, struggles with motivation, she realizes having the support and encouragement of her husband to go to the gym together would be of great benefit toward improving her weight and lung function. She also finds the winter climate of Ohio as a limiting factor in her motivation and ability to exercise regularly. This grant enabled her to obtain a gym membership for both her and her husband.

Justin McKay

Justin wants to get back in shape so he can run and be active without getting tired. Having a personal trainer would help him learn how to use the gym equipment. Getting stronger and more physically fit is very important to Justin. He used to be more in shape when he was younger because he played football. He is ready to work hard to get back to that.

Judy Layton

Judy has been able to exercise from home but knows that having a gym membership would help her to get out of the house and improve her overall self-esteem. She was diagnosed at age 46 and has been doing everything she can to stay healthy. She wants to live a long and healthy life and knows that having an exercise routine will help her do that.


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