Dance / Cheerleading

Kassidy Jenkins

Kassidy loves to dance because it takes her to another place and sets her mind free. She hopes to one day dance on TV. "Dancing just gives me a feeling like no other." When she hears music come on, it makes her happy, and she knows this is good for her CF as well.

Emily Hethcox

Baton twirling is Emily's favorite activity. It's really difficult to do and so she feels lucky to be able to be so good at it. Being involved with baton classes keeps her active because it is a good aerobic exercise. It helps keep her lungs healthy because baton consists of gymnastics, dance, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. Baton classes also help her mentally by taking her mind off her CF and letting her feel like a normal kid.

Lauren Gregoire

Even with all the challenges that come with CF, Lauren is able to dance just as well as her peers. When she's dancing, she forgets she has CF until she's out of breath. Having CF and keeping up with all her treatments is stressful but being able to dance is something she feels lucky to be able to do.

Josilin Gibbs

In the last two years, Josilin has received Recreation Grants from CFLF for dance classes. Dancing is something Josilin loves to do, not only because it is a fun, social activity, but because it makes her stronger and healthier. "The grant made life better because I got to dance and it made me stronger and healthier and bigger. It makes me feel like a champion to do what I want to do and to be who I want to be." Josilin plans to continue taking dance classes and wishes to one day become a dance teacher.

Cadence Foynes

Cadence is a very energetic four-year old. She loves to dance, jump, and play with her friends. Dancing is especially fun for Cadence. It not only makes her stronger and healthier, but it also makes it easier for her to breathe. She loves to dance because she is good at it, and she gets to do it with her favorite friend.

Tovah Duffaut

Tovah knows that exercise is especially important for her because of her CF. She has been cheerleading for a few years and can't imagine her life without it. "It is not only physically a lot of hard work, but being part of a team makes me work harder so I do not let anyone (including myself) down."

Ella Deveaux

Ella loves to dance. Even though she is experienced in jazz, tap and ballet, her favorite form of dance is jazz because it is fast-paced. "I like jazz best because it is faster. Because CF affects my lungs, giving them a workout helps clear them. Ballet gives them a good workout without tiring them out. When I'm dancing I can forget about my CF and have fun!"

Sophia Brown

Cheerleading helps Sophia's lungs feel healthy. She loves to cheerlead because she gets to dance and do gymnastics and stunts. She also likes it because she gets to hang out with her friends. She knows she has to keep exercising to stay strong and work her lungs.

Savannah Brown

Dance is Savannah's favorite physical activity. All of the routines she does help her to push herself really hard. The routines are difficult, and they challenge her both physically and mentally. Having dance in her life motivates her to keep her lungs and body healthy so she can keep participating.


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