Camp - Sports

Michael Hebert

Michael enjoys playing baseball, flag football, street hockey, and basketball. He likes to hang out with his friends and play sports because it lets him feel like a normal kid. "This grant will help me have fun, and the sports are good for my lungs." Being able to attend summer sports camp will allow him to play lots of sports and meet new friends.

Jason Gay

Jason enjoys playing soccer and baseball. His Recreation Grant enabled him to enroll in his school's after-school soccer program. "Soccer will help improve my life because it's good [for me]." Jason hopes that he will get to play as much soccer as possible in the coming year and remain healthy.

Grace Gastreich

Being able to go to summer swim camp would allow Grace to swim in the hot weather. Swimming when it's hot out is one of Grace's favorite things because she gets to cool off and hang out with her friends. When she swims, she has to take deep breaths, which she knows makes her lungs strong. She hopes that if she practices her swimming and works hard she will be able to join the swim team.

Julian Downey

Julian loves to play sports like baseball, football, and karate. He likes karate because it keeps him going. Karate exercises his muscles and keeps him moving all the time. His doctors have told him that doing exercise regularly will help keep his lungs healthy. Being able to go to baseball camp will help him get better at baseball and help him overall with the sports that he plays.

Courtney Collins

Courtney is a committed and competitive volleyball player who continually strives to better her game. She finds that playing volleyball is of significant benefit to her living with CF both physically and mentally. "Volleyball helps to keep my lungs in shape as well as my body strong.

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