Aquatics / Swimming

Tiana Davis-Seymour

Swimming and running are two of Tiana's favorite activities. She loves being in the water and swimming underwater, holding her breath. She not only finds the water a happy place to be, but also realizes that it helps her lungs by getting activity. She also enjoys running around and the feel of the wind blowing through her hair, but also the loosening and clearing of her lung congestion. She feels as though both of these activities contribute to her lung function improving.

Jordan Cote

Jordan loves to swim laps. When he is swimming. he forgets that he has CF, and he is able to push himself physically. After he swims, he can feel his lungs expanding, and he can breathe easier. Jordan knows how important exercise is, not only for his body but for his CF health as well.

Jacqueline Bonanno

Currently as the youngest CFLF Recreation Grant recipient, Jacqueline and her mom Gillian applied for a Loretta Morris grant to attend an infant swimming program. At less than one year old, Jacqueline loves to explore everything by crawling everywhere. Gillian believes that starting as early as possible to teach her the importance of good exercise routine is important for the long road ahead of her. Both having swum competitively in college, Gillian and her husband look to share their passion for the water with Jacqueline.


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