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PDF icon 2023 Canadian Grant Application COVID 2.pdf

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The CFLF is proud to be launching the pilot Canadian Recreation Grant program

in partnership with

Horizon Therapeutics Canada and Trudell Medical International 


In exploring the new possibilities of providing Recreation Grant suppport to Canadians living with cystic fibrosis (CF), it is clear that the needs and desires of living stronger and longer lives through unrestricted access to exercise activities are universal.  

The intention of this program is to support CF patients with direct financial assistance in affording recreational activities that have respiratory and psychosocial benefit. Whether it is a new activity being tried for the first time, or continuing to pursue an established passion, the costs of living with CF and impact on earning ability can often make exercise-related costs a barrier.

Exercise holds great benefit, both physically and mentally. Living with a chronic disease such as cystic fibrosis presents significant challenge in managing physical, social, psychological and professional health. Exercise is the bridge that can contribute self-esteem, empowerment, fun and confidence to simple elements of improved physical health including posture, appetite, rest and airway expansion in addition to airway clearance. Check out some of the stories of previous Grant Recipients!

The value of finding and pursuing an activity of interest also helps in making the most of your life today. Quality of life can be measured in many different ways, and the CFLF believes exercise can contribute to all of them.  

In this first year of programming in Canada, there are limitations in starting small and building growth in the future. This is a program which would ideally like to support ALL requests, but unfortunately we must make choices on where and how funds can have the greatest impact. 

Some of the general Initial program guidelines include:

  • Support for CF patients - We recognize there is also tremendous need for families with children living with CF, and that there is great value in building exercise habits and healthy lifestyles early. However, our financial support at this time is limited and targeted to adult patients focused on maintaining their health and longevity through exercise.
  • Clearly articulating your activity interest or existing passion for the activity you are requesting financial support with - The effort put into applications is a major factor in the decision making process. You may supplement your application with letters of recommendation, video testimonials or other creative ways of expressing your desire to be supported by the CFLF. Applications must be completed by the person with CF asking for the assistance (unless special circumstances exist).
  • Demonstrating financial need - While we recognize there is no federal poverty limit in Canada, median household income is very similar to the US and will be one guidepost in determining need. However, we also recognize there are different circumstances for every person, and we will consider special circumstances.  The intention of this program is to help patients who could not otherwise afford the requested activity.
  • Direct payments with credit card - If a grant is awarded, our program makes payment directly to the activity provider. Due to ever-changing exchange rates between the US and Canada, it is required that any activity provider that support is being requested for MUST ACCEPT VISA/MASTERCARD PAYMENT. No cash or check payments will be provided by the CFLF in Canada. Personal reimbursements are not provided for activities that have already been paid for.

More detailed information about the application can be found on the application itself which can be downloaded from this page.  

Applications may be submitted at any time, but must allow up to four-weeks for processing. So please plan in advanced and if an activity has a specific start date, submit your request at least one month prior to that date.

We look forward to hearing from you and please contact us at with any questions you may have or assistance needed with the application process. You can also check our FAQ page for assistance. 


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