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The Median

Last week I turned 38 years old.  This was one of the many landmarks in my growing older with CF where I was crossing what was once the median life expectancy for people living with CF.  

Ever since I was young enough to remember learning that there was such a thing as a median for the statistical average of CF lifespan, I wanted to surpass it.  However, every time I reached that number, it had again risen.  Believe me, NO COMPLAINTS HERE!!  But it was the carrot on the stick that has continued to dangle not far in front of me, as an ongoing goal.  

Meet the Authors

Welcome to the CFLF blog written and posted by four adults living with Cysitc Fibrosis.  The intention of this blog is to share with the greater CF community (and beyond) some of their stories and tips for living and thriving with CF.  The authors of this blog hope to share firsthand their unique experiences of navigating their way to health and wellness.  Although none of them are “experts” in this field, each of them is an expert in their own CF care and hopes to share with others their interpretation of what it takes to live a longer and stronger CF life.



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