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Secrets of living and thriving with CF

Surviving CF and CF-related diabetes for over 45 years, despite the heavy burdens of the conditions, has made me appreciate what having a life unlimited can look like.

I respect my illnesses 100%, know my many limitations and look to avoid the ‘CF banana skin’ of trying to dismiss it and not take it seriously enough.

Your Body: Friend or Foe?

My relationship with my body is one that has evolved over time. As with most females in our culture, my body seemed to be my number one enemy throughout adolescence and young adulthood. It was something that I thought was an expression of my worth, and I hated it for being imperfect. 

Stomach Ache Sentiments

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with one of those stomach aches? You know the kind you get from taking your antibiotics, or any pills, on an empty stomach?

Trying to take the Stress off of Healthy Eating

Having a busy lifestyle makes managing components of CF a struggle at times, which I’m sure everyone with CF feels. One thing my wife and I both pride ourselves on is being active. She trains for triathlons of all distances while I train for marathons. After a long work day and one (and often times two) workouts in a day, the hours tend to be almost gone for the day. Add in routine therapy for CF, and that time gets even smaller. Another thing we pride ourselves on is eating well.

Navajo Spirit in Autumn

Autumn is always a season I enjoy. Since I live in Ventura, CA we don’t get the change of colors as other areas do, but we do have mild weather and cool ocean air; great for outdoor activities.

My CFLF Recreation Grant

About one year ago I received a grant from the CFLF. I am a lacrosse player but had been having some issues with strength and endurance. I knew with a new season approaching, this grant would really be helpful in getting some private training.

Two Are Better Than One

In our family, Cystic Fibrosis entered our lives a bit differently. But then again, every story is unique because that is how God made us. 

Our oldest son Carson wasn’t diagnosed until he was 11 years old. And learning that he had a life threatening disease which requires numerous medications and airway clearance therapy every single day, morning and night was a difficult adjustment, one that caused him sadness, anger, and even depression.

Learning to Live with CF

When I was six years old, my baby sister Lucie was diagnosed with CF. The whole family liked to help Lucie with her treatments to try to keep her happy while Mom was pounding on her chest and sides and back.

The summer after Lucie was born, the three older kids in our family had sweat tests to see if we had CF too. My sweat test was a little higher, so they sent me to have my blood drawn. We waited for three weeks. After the three weeks, I found out that I have CF too. This was the day before I started first grade.

Recipe: Berry Chia Pudding

For those of you who aren’t aware, I am currently working on a FREE eBook with snack recipes that are higher calorie and nutrient dense. Once it’s complete it will be up on my website. I wanted to provide a free resource for our community with some recipes you all may or may not have tried. They are all also easy to make, because we all have enough on our plate as it is. This is just the first in a series of eBooks I plan to release and I am so excited.

I wanted to provide you guys with a sneak peak from the book by sharing one of the recipes.

It's Not An Easy Task... Living Behind A Mask

Aging with CF is a beautiful “problem” to have. When I was diagnosed in the 1980’s, I didn’t expect to have this luxury. Yet here I am, 38 years old with the same lungs I was born with. Granted they do not function as they once did or even as they should but they’re mine and I’m thankful for them. It’s my responsibility to care for them to the best of my ability, it’s both a privilege and a huge undertaking.


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