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Eileen Adair

Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Teacher. Traveler. Musician. Friend. Dreamer. Artist. Patient.

We all play various roles in our lives that make up our unique identities. Some of our roles overlap at certain times in our lives, enhancing the other roles; sometimes one of our roles might limit our ability to play another role to the fullest.

One of the most rewarding roles in my life is that of a glass artist. About five years ago I took a class at a local glass studio and was instantly hooked. Since then I have taken many classes in fused and stained glass, have created a home studio/workshop in my garage, and recently purchased a kiln.

When I am in my studio working on a project, all of my other roles fall away - especially that of a CF patient. There are no limitations when I’m working with glass. My health and lung function have absolutely no connection to what I am able to create in my workshop. I can do anything I dream of, and I easily get lost in the textures, colors, forms, patterns, and possibilities of any project. Art therapy is a very real thing: losing yourself in a project or hobby can transport you to another world.

When I’m working with glass, I’m not focused on my lesson plans, my students, my treatments, my lung function, or how tired I might be heading into a busy week. I’m able to completely throw myself into a project without any consideration of what might go wrong, or how I might be limited due to my health. Glass artists need to wear a mask during certain stages of a glass project - this mask protects us from glass dust and other particles. I wear the mask because I’m following safety etiquette for glass work, not because I’m sick and/or protecting myself from infection. It’s remarkable how different I feel when I’m wearing my “art” mask instead of my “sick” mask. I feel creative and free, rather than self-conscious and frustrated.

My hope is that each one of you can find a similar outlet - whether it be writing, learning to play a new instrument, taking a class, drawing or painting, or anything else - that allows you to escape from your daily routine and offers you unlimited potential. Find a place where there’s no voice that might say “you probably shouldn’t do that,” or “you’re not strong enough,” or “you might not be able to perform as well as others.”

Create and nurture a new role that will enhance your life. Find your passion. Dive in.

Enjoy the escape.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
- Pablo Picasso 



Eileen Adair is a 40-year old high school journalism and technology teacher who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of 14. She is also a CFLF Grant Recipient. She lives in Denver, Colorado, and enjoys playing the piano, watching sports, traveling, and dreaming up her next glass project.



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