What's Your Gap Grant

Overview of the What's Your Gap Grant


The What's Your Gap Grant is a collaboration with the Cystic Fibrosis Lifestyle Foundation and Closing the Gap Foundation, this grant is designed to provide funding to teens and young adults battling CF. This grant is designed to help the recipient “Close the Gap” by supporting them with creative and physical activities: including exercise equipment, workout classes, dance, meditation, creative writing, poetry, guitar lessons, summer camps, painting, music or anything that will help the individual stay active and healthy. The grant is designed to have funds disbursed on the recipients behalf directly toward activity or equipment costs during 2023. 


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how do YOU bridge your GAP?



Who Can Apply

Person with CF ages 13-25


How To Apply

Submit a 2-3 minute video explaning what "closes your gap"


When To Apply

Applications open May 26th- June 30th


video submission criteria can be found on application if image does not load


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