Peer Support

Jessica Wood

Jessica's favorite physical activity, since she was a little girl, had been cheerleading because of the pride and teamwork the sport brings. With her best friend, Tori, as her Peer Support, the two help each other to grow personally and physically through cheerleading. "This sport helps me manage my CF physically because I exercise 4 days a week for 3 hours. It helps the mucus in my lungs move, and also helps me build my lung strength.

Nancy Weiner

Although Nancy doesn't always have the energy to work out, when she does, she feels better both physically and mentally. When she exercises, she feels strong. Her outlook on life is optimistic and she feels like anything is possible. Although it's hard sometimes to get started, once she's finished working out, she feels energized and stronger than before.

Daisy Solis

Daisy feels that any activity that gets her moving is good for her. If it makes her heart pump faster, she knows it is helping her whole body, as well as her lungs. Working out also helps with her self-esteem and mental health. She likes to do yoga after she works out because it calms the tense muscles in her back from coughing so much.

Pearl Smith

For Pearl, horseback riding is not only a form of exercise, but also an activity that brings her both confidence and joy. She shares her love for horses and drawing with her little sister, and her CFLF grant has allowed both girls to continue taking horseback riding lessons together.

Rafael Ruffo

After finding out only a year and a half ago that he had CF, Rafael has been running as much as possible. Having a gym membership would allow him to run all year long and at any time of day, in any weather. Running helps him physically and mentally, and he knows without it, he would not be as healthy as he is today. He feels that his exercise routine is key in fighting cystic fibrosis and enjoying his time with his kids and seeing them grow older and have kids of their own.

Grace Quartarone

Since starting to dance last year Grace has not had to go into the hospital. She feels this is because she has been dancing and exercising her lungs so much. Grace works very hard to stay healthy and out of the hospital, and she knows that dance is a fun way to feel like she doesn't have CF.

Ashley Josselyn

Ashley requested a Peer Support grant that would enable her to exercise with her husband, Mark as her companion. While Ashley, like many, struggles with motivation, she realizes having the support and encouragement of her husband to go to the gym together would be of great benefit toward improving her weight and lung function. She also finds the winter climate of Ohio as a limiting factor in her motivation and ability to exercise regularly. This grant enabled her to obtain a gym membership for both her and her husband.

Anna Modlin

"Swimming is a sport that throughout my life has contributed to the quality of life, physically and socially." Anna has been swimming most of her life, on swim teams, or as a swim teacher, coach, or lifeguard. When she swims, she feels confident, and it gives her a full body workout. It helps keep her lungs strong and healthy, and she contributes her excellent lung function to her love and passion for swimming. Being able to travel to South Africa to compete in swimming at the world transplant games is a lifelong dream of Anna's.

Judy Layton

Judy has been able to exercise from home but knows that having a gym membership would help her to get out of the house and improve her overall self-esteem. She was diagnosed at age 46 and has been doing everything she can to stay healthy. She wants to live a long and healthy life and knows that having an exercise routine will help her do that.

James Lawlor

Yoga has quickly become James's favorite physical activity. "More than anything else, it has a great capacity to positively influence my physical and mental health." He loves the combination of strength building, flexibility, and mental health in respect to CF. He has also found it reassuring to be reminded of the strength in his body, rather than feeling weak and defeated by his CF. He's looking forward to continuing his yoga and benefitting from it physically and mentally.


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