Loretta Morris

Karlye Stein

Karlye loves to be active. Her favorite things are jumping on her trampoline, playing soccer, and swimming. She knows that doing these things will help strengthen her lungs to battle her CF. Swimming is especially good for her because it helps keep her airways clear.

Stephen Reeder

Stephen loves to play basketball. He has been playing since he was a young kid and not only finds it really fun but also finds that it helps him physically exert himself, which helps his CF. By getting better at basketball he knows it will help his lungs to stay healthy. He hopes that by practicing his basketball skills consistently he will improve and be able to play varsity basketball.

Owen Provencher

Ice skating is Owen's favorite physical activity. He likes the feeling of gliding instead of walking. Skating around loosens his body and helps his mind get better and better. He also loves hockey because it is so much fun to skate fast.

Kevin Pollison

Even though Kevin is very good at swimming and wins medals and awards for it, he does it because it keeps him healthy and is fun. He has been swimming for a number of years and has become stronger and increased his lung function tremendously. He also gets to hang out with his friends when he swims and just feel like a normal person.

Ireland Nolan

When Ireland hears music, she can't sit still because she just wants to move and dance. Even at just three years old it's obvious to Ireland's mom that she is in her element when she's singing and dancing. When she dances and sings, she is also clearing her lungs and improving her overall well-being.

Sara Martins

Sara has been dancing for a long time, and she loves it. It feels right for her to dance and it is great exercise too. Dancing lets her feel like she can do anything she wants. When she's moving and dancing, it helps her to clear her lungs, which she knows is good for her CF.

Malin Glade

Horseback riding is truly Malin's favorite activity to do. She finds that when she rides, she just forgets about her CF and her treatments, and just has fun. "I think that this grant would improve my life because horseback riding is very fun for me and as my horse trots or canters I bounce and it acts as a natural chest therapy, but lots more fun." Malin identifies horseback riding as an important part of her entire life in addition to its benefit with CF.

Jordan Cote

Jordan loves to swim laps. When he is swimming. he forgets that he has CF, and he is able to push himself physically. After he swims, he can feel his lungs expanding, and he can breathe easier. Jordan knows how important exercise is, not only for his body but for his CF health as well.

Bree Bowers

Running, for Bree, is liberating and powerful. Since her lung transplant in 2011, she has found a greater love and appreciation of being active and living life to its fullest. "This grant will help improve my life by giving me the opportunity to go to the gym for the next three years.

Jacqueline Bonanno

Currently as the youngest CFLF Recreation Grant recipient, Jacqueline and her mom Gillian applied for a Loretta Morris grant to attend an infant swimming program. At less than one year old, Jacqueline loves to explore everything by crawling everywhere. Gillian believes that starting as early as possible to teach her the importance of good exercise routine is important for the long road ahead of her. Both having swum competitively in college, Gillian and her husband look to share their passion for the water with Jacqueline.


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