Katie Reisinger - McConville

Katie has played sports and remained active her whole life. She has found that over the years running has had a huge impact on her CF life. Physically it keeps her strong, and mentally it keeps her connected to others and more confident in her abilities. She recently started doing crossfit and loves how good it has made her feel. It requires mental focus and determination to get through each movement and workout. She knows that continuing with her crossfit training is going to benefit her CF health immensely.

Ellie Sullivan

Ellie is an energetic and happy three-year old. She likes dancing, singing, climbing, exploring and spending time with her friends. Gymnastics is a way that she could do all the things she enjoys, and she would be able to make more friends. Being able to go to gymnastics regularly will help her CF by keeping her active and her lungs clear.

John Youhanan

John wants to stay as active as possible with his favorite sports, soccer, swimming, basketball, baseball and football. He knows that being active can be fun, and he gets to spend time with his family and friends while he's doing it. Swimming also helps clear his lungs, just like doing his treatments does."I want to be a good swimmer to improve my life with CF." This grant will help John to both attend his 6th Grade camp, as well as obtain a YMCA membership for himself and his Peer Support, and older sister Georgia.

Jessica Workman

One of Jessica's favorite physical activities is running. She finds that running several times a week is one of the best ways for her airway clearance. When she is unable to run for a week or two, the difference she feels in her lungs is drastic. Her recent completion of a 10k showed her and others that "CF does not have to put limitations on people." While training for the 10k, Jessica saw a noticeable increase in her lung function scores, which has helped her maintain a high priority on fitting time to run into her busy schedule.

Ian Wissel

Ian loves to play tennis. Last year, the CFLF provided a grant for him to attend tennis camp. "When I play, I feel pumped. It's exciting to see how I'm going to hit the ball each time." He has been feeling healthy lately all thanks to the CFLF Recreation Grant, his consistency with his medication, therapy, and his love for tennis.

Jeff Weinstein

Living in Florida, you can't always go outside to exercise. Jeff knows that a gym membership would allow him to exercise regularly without having the weather be a factor. It would also motivate him to get out of the house more and have something fun to look forward to, while helping to improve his lung function.

Shannon Watson

Shannon's favorite thing to do is ballet. Not only does she think it's pretty, but she also has lots of fun doing it. It is a good way for her to get exercise and stretch her muscles. Doing ballet also helps keep her lungs and heart strong, and she knows that is good for her.

Austin Warkentin

Austin strives to be a role model for people with CF. He works hard at exercising and staying healthy so that he can show others that there is hope and that staying active will help them live a better life. Austin has been riding bikes since he was 5 and knows that it's because of his love for cycling that he is as healthy as he is today.

Kaitlyn Vargas

Kaitlyn, through CF, has learned to be compassionate towards others. Through her love for gymnastics, she wants to inspire others with CF to stay in control of their health. She has been doing gymnastics for 3 years, and competes with great determination. In addition, she has built a bond with her "sisters" in gym class, and they motivate her to be all that she can be. " When I do gymnastics, CF does not hold me back. Mentally, gymnastics makes me feel so free. CF can't stop me."

Kelly Taylor

It all started with a curious call to "Fight Time" and getting information on MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) classes. Kelly had two free classes he could try out for, and after the first class "He was hooked." He felt full of energy and was excited to join; "better than sitting around watching T.V." Kelly's life has improved socially and emotionally, he finds himself happy again.


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