Grant Recipients

  • Deanna Farnham | Fairfax, VT | Age: 48

    Although Deanna is passionate about horseback riding she used her grant to get a gym membership so she could swim more.
  • Bryan Gracey | Portage, MI | Age: 10

    Although Bryan is only 10 he is very serious about hockey. Even at a young age Bryan knows that there is a direct correlation between what he does at home for treatments and what he does on the ice.
  • Tara McNaught | Lakewood, CA | Age: 18

    Tara has been playing soccer competitively since she was 5 years old and has always loved it. The fast pace of the game and physical and mental challenges of it have kept her active for years.
  • Victoria Thompson | Denver, CO | Age: 27

    Victoria is a second time grant recipient and more importantly a true role model for people living with CF.
  • Omar Abulhosn | Cypress, CA | Age: 23

    Omar is on a tight budget due to being in school full time and only being able to work part time. He works hard to stay healthy by taking his medications and doing his breathing treatments.
  • Annika Shelstad | Minneapolis, MN | Age: 15

    The hardest thing for Annika about having CF is staying active. She knows that exercising will improve her lung function and keep her strong but it is hard to fit it into her already busy day.
  • Mona Rinez Campbell | Bakersfield, CA | Age: 67

    Mona was diagnosed with CF at the age of 65. She attributes this to her walking several times a week, 2-3 miles, for the last twelve years.
  • Christopher Newton | Bath, NH | Age: 22

    Christopher’s love for Alpine skiing started at an early age and has continued into his adulthood.
  • Dawn McGuinness | Niskayuna, NY | Age: 46

    Dawn used her recreation grant to get a gym membership at a specialized gym where she could get the attention she needed in an environment that was comfortable and safe.


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