Grant Recipients

  • Aaron Fox | San Diego, CA | Age: 16

    Having only been diagnosed two years ago with CF, Aaron already knows just how important exercise is.
  • David derKinderen | Rockland, MA | Age: 11

    David favorite activity is lacrosse. As well as working really hard in school to get good grades he works hard at playing lacrosse.
  • Leah Sands | Lake Orion, MI | Age: 32

    Leah started running in the summer of 2013 and immediately knew she had found an exercise that she loved.
  • Kayleigh Lund | Lugoff, SC | Age: 7

    Cheerleading is Kayleigh's favorite activity, not only because she loves being with her team mates and coaches but because it keeps her strong and healthy.
  • Klyn Elsbury | Palm Desert, CA | Age: 25

    Klyn knows that staying fit and active is the only way she is going to be able to keep up with her peers and do the things she enjoys doing, like surfing, running, working out, and laughing.
  • Jessica Davis | New York, NY | Age: 23

    Jessica has been able to stay healthy most of her life and maintain good lung function. She and her doctors agree that this is because she is dedicated to physical exercise.
  • David Moore | Corona, CA | Age: 22

    David started doing martial arts when he was 10 . He also played sports in high school and he knows this is what kept him so healthy until he was diagnosed with CF at the age of 17.
  • Sean Bowden | Narragansett, RI | Age: 14

    Sean loves to golf because he feels it helps him to exercise his body and his brain. He feels really lucky to be able to play a sport that he truly loves.
  • Jacob and Michael Hanania | Jacksonville, FL | Age: 13

    Jacob and Michael are twins and used their grant to participate in a summer program at their local YMCA. Michael had been very sick for many years because of his CF and liver complications.
  • Rosie Grossbaum | Morristown, NJ | Age: 7

    Rosie is a very active seven year old, she likes to swim, dance, do gymnastics, play with her little brother and most of all go to camp in the summer.


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