Grant Recipients

  • Ashley Maria Davila | Elverta, CA | Age: 26

    Maria has been dancing since grade school and has always had a passion and love for it.
  • Emma Sullivan | Windham, NH | Age: 9

    Emma has received recreation grants from CFLF for gymnastics in 2013 and 2014.
  • Alma Centeno | Chicago, IL | Age: 32

    Alma loves to dance, although she feels that having CF has made it harder and harder to do the things she most enjoys.
  • Kathleen Ryan | Portola Hills, CA | Age: 20

    Kathleen is in her second year of being awarded a CFLF recreation grant for horseback riding. Her first grant was awarded through the Loretta Morris Memorial Fund.
  • Luke Frederick | Charlotte, NC | Age: 11

    Luke enjoys karate not only because he knows how important exercise is for his CF, but also because he likes learning about self defense.
  • Gina Ruiz | Wharton, NJ | Age: 19

    Gina is a three time recipient of a CFLF recreation grant.
  • Alyson Boltz | Dayton, OH | Age: 23

    Alyson recently decided that she needed to make her healthy her number one priority.
  • Shelby Gately | Cold Spring, MN | Age: 12

    Shelby loves to play hockey and knows that if it weren't for how active she stays year round she would not be as healthy as she is today.
  • Eileen Adair| Denver, CO | Age: 37

    Although Eileen has always enjoyed running, the Colorado winters don't allow it to be a consistent activity.
  • Corey Sarkis | Atkinson, NH | Age: 14

    Corey loves to play soccer, not only because it is fun but also because it is good exercise. He knows that playing regularly helps his lung stay healthy.


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