Grant Recipients

  • Savannah Bergman | Breinigsville, PA | Age: 2

    Savannah used her grant to do one of her favorite activities, gymnastics. Gymnastics helps keeps Savannah active and is a great way to get airway clearance and meet new friends.
  • Cheyenne Smith | Norco, CA | Age: 14

    Cheyenne received a grant through the Loretta Morris Memorial Fund so that she could attend a performance guitar and rock academy.
  • Mychael O'Brien | Marietta, GA | Age: 19

    Mychael has been awarded two grants for dance from CFLF. Her second grant in 2014 was awarded through the Loretta Morris Memorial Fund.
  • Cameron Soucy | Manchester, NH | Age: 2

    Cameron loves to run around and tumble and ride is tricycle with his dogs and his mom and dad. He loves playing with his friends and just being able to be a typical kid.
  • Caroline Rhodes | Fresno, CA | Age: 32

    Caroline is a second time recipient of a recreation grant. She used her grant both times to pay for her crossfit gym membership.
  • Brooklyn Atwood | Greenacres, WA | Age: 9

    Brooklyn's favorite activity is cheerleading because she gets to improve her tumbling and stunting skills and clear her lungs at the same time.
  • Jenna Strickland | Stratford, CT | Age: 24

    Jenna's favorite physical activity is weight training because it helps with her posture, as well as strengthening her body to help with her breathing.
  • Michael Callanan | Ridgewood, NJ | Age: 39

    Michael is in his third year being approved for a grant to renew his membership at his local YMCA where he can do one of his favorite activities, swimming.
  • Taylor Brown | Franc's Creek, WI | Age: 13

    Taylor has received recreation grants from CFLF for dance for the last two years.
  • Jacob Meddaugh | Holiday, FL | Age: 8

    Jacob has been participating in karate since he was 5 and aspires to reach the black belt level.


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