Grant Recipients

  • Laura Jay-Ballinger | Plainfield, IN | Age: 29

    Laura is a second time recipient of a recreation grant from CFLF.
  • Marianne Bjorklund | El Segundo, CA | Age: 54

    Marianne enjoys doing yoga every day as she finds that it helps strengthen her body and her soul. It provides her with physical strength as well as flexibility.
  • Kelli Love | Loudonville, OH | Age: 36

    Kelli has been awarded two grants from CFLF, both for gym memberships. She finds that going to the gym help improve her motivation and her lung function scores.
  • Shelby Burnette | Newport News, VA | Age: 12

    Shelby's favorite physical activities are swimming and riding bikes. She has found that these activities help her clear her lungs the best while keeping her active and in good overall health.
  • Ariana Metzger | Tonawanda, NY | Age: 14

    Ariana loves to dance because she feels that she can express herself and it gives her something to look forward to everyday.
  • Kim Whitney | Newton, MA | Age: 40

    Kim began swimming when she was pregnant with her first child and realized how much she loved it and how good it made her feel. She gets a good workout when she swims, especially for her lungs.
  • Cody Miller | Lakeville, OH | Age: 11

    Cody is a second time recipient of a recreation grant for karate. He has found that his skills have improved as well as his breathing.
  • Brooke Porter | Springboro, OH | Age: 15

    Brooke loves to play tennis and the more she plays the more she improves her skills. She hopes to make varsity next tennis season and knows that she will have to work very hard to make the team.
  • Kelsey Sabourin | Grand Rapids, MI | Age: 21

    Kelsey has always been active and has enjoyed running since she was very young. She ran her first 5K when she was just 13. Running has kept her healthy and helped her to stay positive about her CF.
  • Zoe Figueroa | Los Angeles | Age: 4

    Zoe loves to swim and take swimming lessons with her teacher. It helps her with her breathing because she has to hold her breath and swim. She feels excited when she swims and that makes her happy.


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