Ashlee Skow

Yoga has changed Ashlee's life since she started doing it. It has helped her to not only manage her stress, but also it helps her breathing tremendously. She can feel herself getting healthier and stronger every time she does yoga. She works hard to stay healthy so she can continue her yoga practice as often as possible. She is training to be a yoga teacher and hopes to show others with CF the importance of yoga.

Sheila Rossi

Sheila started doing yoga a few years ago and has found that her life has been transformed. Since beginning to take classes, once a week, she has increased to doing yoga 5-7 days a week and has not been hospitalized since starting yoga. She has found that through yoga she not only feels healthier physically but also mentally. Sheila is a single mother of two, and yoga is the perfect way for her to stay healthy and balanced.

Jessica Perretti

Being able to do yoga regularly is very important to Jessica. Not only does the practice help her mentally but it keeps her lung function scores consistent. She loves to play with her nieces and wants to make sure she has enough energy to run around with them. She also notices a huge positive difference in how clear her lungs feel and how few exacerbations she has when she's doing yoga frequently.

James Lawlor

Yoga has quickly become James's favorite physical activity. "More than anything else, it has a great capacity to positively influence my physical and mental health." He loves the combination of strength building, flexibility, and mental health in respect to CF. He has also found it reassuring to be reminded of the strength in his body, rather than feeling weak and defeated by his CF. He's looking forward to continuing his yoga and benefitting from it physically and mentally.

Lauren Bombardier

Running has done wonders over the years for Lauren's physical health. Since becoming a runner she has been able to fight CF even better than before. As she transitions into "adult life" she has found that her stress level has risen and that her overall health can be negatively affected by that. By being able to do yoga on a regular basis she knows that she will be healthier and stronger overall.

Marianne Bjorklund

Marianne is an avid practitioner of yoga. She realizes it has a very positive impact on her physical and mental well-being, especially in regard to managing her CF. She has found it has great benefit in helping to release the muscles that are commonly tight throughout her back, neck and ribs due to chronic coughing. Also, the mental benefit that comes through her regular yoga practice provides her a greater calmness and ease in tackling all of her other daily responsibilities.

Eileen Adair

Although Eileen has always enjoyed running, the Colorado winters don't allow it to be a consistent activity. She knows that settling into a yoga practice will increase her lung function and overall wellness.

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