Martial Arts

Anthony Rogers

Anthony has found that practicing Tae Kwon Do has taught him how to be a stronger person. It has also taught him about committing to something and following through with it. Practicing Tae Kwon Do has helped his CF by strengthening his lungs and body. Anthony has always been very good about keeping up with his CF treatments, and he knows that continuing with martial arts will help him stay active as he gets older.

Emma O'Brien

Emma likes to do a lot of different activities, like rollerblading and skiing. She does martial arts the most though and has found that it helps a lot with her breathing. Martial arts has also been a good way for her to learn how to defend herself. Emma knows the importance of exercise on her lungs and wants to do whatever she can to continue to improve her lung function.

Matthew Lied

Matthew hopes that if he practices his karate and works hard that he will be able to continue lessons and get better and better. He knows that being able to do karate will be good exercise for him. It's hard to go out in the sun a lot, so being able to do karate regularly will be a good indoor activity for Matthew.

Tyler Hunt

Tyler likes to do martial arts for a lot of reasons. It not only keeps his lungs strong and healthy, but it keeps him in shape and allows him to meet new people. Doing Tae Kwon Do also helps him to stay out of the hospital. CF can be very stressful, but having an outlet like martial arts helps a lot.

Kasey Greene

Kasey's favorite physical activity is Tae Kwon Do. She feels that it's a great workout, and it teaches her ways to push her body. She has also noticed that it helps her to cough and clear her lungs afterward. Participating in Tae Kwon Do has taught her about patience and working hard.

Matthew Courtright

Matthew loves to run around and ride bikes. He also likes to play basketball, swim and do karate because they are fun activities. He knows that karate helps him stay healthy by exercising his lungs and body.

Cole Favro

Cole's favorite activity is karate because it helps his cystic fibrosis. The activities and things he learns in class help him to cough, which helps clear his lungs. His friend is a level higher than him, which helps him to work harder. He also wants to continue doing karate because he knows it helps him stay out of the hospital.

Trent Emmons

Trent used his Recreation Grant to take martial arts classes. His interest for both karate and tai chi were self-taught from books and DVDs, but he decided that in order to improve his skills and further his studies, he had to take classes. "This grant will help me learn a new skill and improve my lung power. It will help me get exercise and meet new people with the same interests." Trent also enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and walking because he likes to explore. He also likes to go fishing and hunting with his father.

Trey Burkhalter

Trey's favorite activity is karate. He likes karate because it's fun and he gets to learn how to defend himself, while it also helps his lung function. Practicing karate also helps him to learn how to achieve goals, and work hard.

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