Owen Provencher

Ice skating is Owen's favorite physical activity. He likes the feeling of gliding instead of walking. Skating around loosens his body and helps his mind get better and better. He also loves hockey because it is so much fun to skate fast.

Isabelle Johnson

Even at just 6 years old, Isabelle loves to ice skate because it gives her energy and makes her feel tall. She used her grant to take ice hockey classes, allowing her to perform her favorite physical activity while being surrounded by other children. "I like hockey because I like to skate. I like when the big kids help me. Hockey helps me cough."

Shelby Gately

Shelby loves to play hockey and knows that if it weren't for how active she stays year round, she would not be as healthy as she is today. She is proud to say that she has never skipped a treatment and that she doesn't plan on ever doing that, nor has she been admitted into the hospital since she was 3. Shelby knows that this is because of how disciplined she is with her treatments and staying active through sports.

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