Gym Membership

Jessica Workman

One of Jessica's favorite physical activities is running. She finds that running several times a week is one of the best ways for her airway clearance. When she is unable to run for a week or two, the difference she feels in her lungs is drastic. Her recent completion of a 10k showed her and others that "CF does not have to put limitations on people." While training for the 10k, Jessica saw a noticeable increase in her lung function scores, which has helped her maintain a high priority on fitting time to run into her busy schedule.

Jeff Weinstein

Living in Florida, you can't always go outside to exercise. Jeff knows that a gym membership would allow him to exercise regularly without having the weather be a factor. It would also motivate him to get out of the house more and have something fun to look forward to, while helping to improve his lung function.

Kelly Taylor

It all started with a curious call to "Fight Time" and getting information on MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) classes. Kelly had two free classes he could try out for, and after the first class "He was hooked." He felt full of energy and was excited to join; "better than sitting around watching T.V." Kelly's life has improved socially and emotionally, he finds himself happy again.

Jessica Sykes

Jessica's favorite physical activity is field hockey. She plays for her local high school and really enjoys what she does, especially with the support from her teammates at school. The gym will be her alternative when she is in off season from playing the sport she loves in the cold winters. Jessica understands the importance of living stronger and longer, thus the importance of this gym membership. "I try my best to stay active and if I am able to go to the gym and do runs, I will be the healthiest I can be, and continue a healthy lifestyle."

Jenna St. Laurent

After a recent hospital stay, Jenna worked with a physical therapist, who for the first time for her was familiar with CF. She realized after 2 weeks of therapy, how exercise impacts her physically and mentally; she fell in love with working out. Living in harsh weather conditions, the gym allows Jenna to work out throughout the year without depending or worrying about the climate. "My breathing improved greatly with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, and the airway clearance it provides helps me cough much less.

Daisy Solis

Daisy feels that any activity that gets her moving is good for her. If it makes her heart pump faster, she knows it is helping her whole body, as well as her lungs. Working out also helps with her self-esteem and mental health. She likes to do yoga after she works out because it calms the tense muscles in her back from coughing so much.

Annika Shelstad

Yoga and the elliptical machine are Annika's favorite physical activity. This grant will help relieve stress and make her feel better about herself. She works out with her neighbor and close friend who, together, motivate each other and consider doing a 5k together soon.

Samuel Schroeder

Sam's favorite activity is weightlifting. He used his grant to get a gym membership because he wants to get stronger, build more muscle and stay healthy. He knows cardio training along with weight training will help clear his lungs out.Sam also enjoys riding his bike and playing with his dog.

Leah Sands

Leah started running in the summer of 2013 and immediately knew she had found an exercise that she loved. "There was such a freeing feeling it gave me-being out in the open air, being able to go at my own pace, and being able to feel the benefits immediately." Every day that she runs she feels an improvement in her energy levels, self-esteem, and overall health. Every time she sees an improvement in her health, she is more motivated to continue on the path of running.

Gina Ruiz

Gina is a three time recipient of a CFLF recreation grant. She's used her grant each time to get a gym membership at her local YMCA where as well as working out she enjoys Zumba, yoga, swimming, and spinning. Since first receiving the grant in 2011, she has not been hospitalized. She has not only improved her health but over the last few years has been educating herself more about CF and learning how to beat it everyday. "Life isn't easy but through this grant I've taken on challenges, both physically and mentally to improve my well being...


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