Dance / Cheerleading

Jessica Wood

Jessica's favorite physical activity, since she was a little girl, had been cheerleading because of the pride and teamwork the sport brings. With her best friend, Tori, as her Peer Support, the two help each other to grow personally and physically through cheerleading. "This sport helps me manage my CF physically because I exercise 4 days a week for 3 hours. It helps the mucus in my lungs move, and also helps me build my lung strength.

Shannon Watson

Shannon's favorite thing to do is ballet. Not only does she think it's pretty, but she also has lots of fun doing it. It is a good way for her to get exercise and stretch her muscles. Doing ballet also helps keep her lungs and heart strong, and she knows that is good for her.

Bree Seidel

"Five letters spell what I love to do, Dance." Dancing has become a very big part of Bree's life over the past 3 years. Dance has helped her build stamina and strength. It gives her an alternate way to do her lung clearance. This grant not only releases financial burden for her mother, but allows Bree to continue to do what she loves. "Dancing gives me a mental release; there are no walls or roadblocks when I hit the dance floor; I am free when I dance."

Grace Quartarone

Since starting to dance last year Grace has not had to go into the hospital. She feels this is because she has been dancing and exercising her lungs so much. Grace works very hard to stay healthy and out of the hospital, and she knows that dance is a fun way to feel like she doesn't have CF.

Ireland Nolan

When Ireland hears music, she can't sit still because she just wants to move and dance. Even at just three years old it's obvious to Ireland's mom that she is in her element when she's singing and dancing. When she dances and sings, she is also clearing her lungs and improving her overall well-being.

Mariah Mumpower

Mariah has been dancing since she was four, and she loves doing it. She loves being in shows with her friends and laughing. She wants to keep dancing as long as she can because she can tell that it's helping her breathing.

Jonathan Miller

"I recently took up ballroom dancing in an attempt to find an activity that could provide the benefits of being with friends while getting a workout. I can honestly say that in the short time since, dancing has become my favorite activity." Jonathan loves being active and finding fun ways to do that. Ballroom dancing has been a great activity for him because it appeals to his love of music and his competitive side. Also, this activity allows him to meet new people and reach new levels of personal development.

Sara Martins

Sara has been dancing for a long time, and she loves it. It feels right for her to dance and it is great exercise too. Dancing lets her feel like she can do anything she wants. When she's moving and dancing, it helps her to clear her lungs, which she knows is good for her CF.

Kayleigh Lund

Cheerleading is Kayleigh's favorite activity, not only because she loves being with her teammates and coaches but because it keeps her strong and healthy. She loves to compete in front of people at competitions and do tumbles and stunts. She has found that cheerleading keeps her flexible and in good shape, which helps her stay healthy overall. The jumping and running around she does keeps her lungs clear and gives her energy to take on her CF. Kayleigh used her Recreation Grant to pay for her cheerleading team fees.

Taylor King

Dance is a way for Taylor to express herself and get exercise at the same time. "I know exercise is good for my CF, and I like to dance, so it doesn't feel like something I am forced to do." When she is dancing, she can take her mind off her CF and just dance. Being able to continue her dance classes is very important to Taylor because she knows what a huge impact it will have on her health. Taylor works really hard to keep herself healthy, and dancing has motivated her to keep working hard at it.


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