Aquatics / Swimming

Karlye Stein

Karlye loves to be active. Her favorite things are jumping on her trampoline, playing soccer, and swimming. She knows that doing these things will help strengthen her lungs to battle her CF. Swimming is especially good for her because it helps keep her airways clear.

Michael Shove

Michael's favorite activity is by far swimming. He was a competitive swimmer for 10 years and felt the healthiest when he was swimming regularly. Michael's lung function scores were also the highest when he swam, and he knows that it's the reason why he's so healthy today. "There is no doubt that swimming, a sport that revolves around breathing, can and will help any person with cystic fibrosis."

Sophia Pulkovski

Sophia is a very active little girl. She likes to dance and play on her trampoline. Being able to take swimming lessons will boost her confidence and make her more comfortable in the water. The exercise she will get from swimming and moving in the water will also be beneficial to her lungs and overall CF health.

Kevin Pollison

Even though Kevin is very good at swimming and wins medals and awards for it, he does it because it keeps him healthy and is fun. He has been swimming for a number of years and has become stronger and increased his lung function tremendously. He also gets to hang out with his friends when he swims and just feel like a normal person.

Anna Modlin

"Swimming is a sport that throughout my life has contributed to the quality of life, physically and socially." Anna has been swimming most of her life, on swim teams, or as a swim teacher, coach, or lifeguard. When she swims, she feels confident, and it gives her a full body workout. It helps keep her lungs strong and healthy, and she contributes her excellent lung function to her love and passion for swimming. Being able to travel to South Africa to compete in swimming at the world transplant games is a lifelong dream of Anna's.

Paul McCormick

Paul loves to swim. The freedom of the water benefits not only his spirit but his lungs as well. He swims regularly at his local pool and usually swims half a mile. When he's done, he can feel that his lungs are clearer, and he's stronger and healthier overall. Having his lungs cleared from swimming helps him do his treatments more effectively as well.

Grant Manczuk

Grant is a second-time CFLF grant recipient and has used both his awards to pay for his swim team fees. He loves to swim and run because they are both low-impact sports that allow him to exercise not only his lungs but his whole body. "The last CFLF grant allowed me to swim and make friends over swimming. Sports help keep me moving and help me feel better about myself." Grant plans on getting a swimming scholarship when he goes to college.

Max Knipstein

Max loves to swim and has been doing it for a number of years. He swims all year round because it makes him healthy and happy. A grant would help him to be able to swim in the winter as well as the summer, and he hopes to continue doing that. He has noticed how much better he feels after he swims, and this keeps him motivated to keep doing it.

Corey Gradin

A few summers ago Corey spent some time doing a lot of swimming and noticed how it drastically improved her lung function and physical stamina. Since then she has tried to continue a routine of swimming regularly. "Though it's one of the hardest kinds of endurances to build up and easiest to lose, it also reminds me I can do more and be more confident in my body." Swimming and getting good at it have been an important and constructive escape as well as being good for her physically.

Amelia Fortunato

Swimming makes Amelia feel good, and it's easier for her to breathe after she gets out of the pool. She loves to swim with her friends and hopes to one day be able to join the swim team. Amelia knows that swimming is good for her body, and she hopes to do it for a long time.


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