Exercise Resources

Exercise Resources for those with CF

Exercise is an increasingly important factor in the lives of people with cystic fibrosis.  Especially as more than ever are living into adulthood, it is critical that exercise is not only given priority in one’s lifestyle with CF, but that the appropriate tools and resources are also utilized.

While exercise is universally beneficial, there are certain activities and sports that may be more beneficial to you personally, and also some techniques that may educate in preventing injury.

Benefits to CF patients are related not only to assist with airway clearance, but also with expanding and strengthening the airways, and promoting cardio-vascular function that aids in the health of lung, digestive and pancreatic tissue. 

Below are some links that can help you become inspired and empowered in exploring some existing resources toward developing an active lifestyle.


Kettlebell Workouts

Start Standing

CF Fitness

Salt Room at The Villages

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