Victoria Thompson

Victoria Thompson | Denver, CO | Age: 27
Recipient Bio: 
Victoria is a second time grant recipient and more importantly a true role model for people living with CF. Being a student and on disability has been really hard for Victoria but she has risen to the challenge and become a better person because of it. After dealing with some health complications recently she wanted to get back into regularly going to the mountain to go snowboarding but knew that she couldn’t afford it. She used both her recreation grants to get a season’s pass. With them she has been able to start going snowboarding again and feels as though it has been life changing. Being physically strong and happy has made it easier for Victoria to stay on top of her medications and remain diligent on keeping her health under control. “Being 25 I have found a certain balance in my life, which has been very difficult to find. I can proudly say I have created a life for myself, as an adult with Cystic Fibrosis.”
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