Tiana Davis-Seymour

Swimming and running are two of Tiana's favorite activities. She loves being in the water and swimming underwater, holding her breath. She not only finds the water a happy place to be, but also realizes that it helps her lungs by getting activity. She also enjoys running around and the feel of the wind blowing through her hair, but also the loosening and clearing of her lung congestion. She feels as though both of these activities contribute to her lung function improving. Her request was for both her mother and brother to be her Peer Supports, and to utilize a family membership to the gym. Recognizing the importance of both people as such important and supportive factors in her managing CF, and being active, Tiana was very clear about the benefit of them all being able to access the gym. "I think this grant will help my life improve a lot, because I can get the exercise I need during the winter when it is cold outside. During the winter is the hardest for me because going from a warm house or car to the cold bitter air tightens up my lungs and makes me cough a lot." Tiana is hoping this grant and access to the gym during the winter months will help improve her lung function and reduce the frequent hospitalizations.

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