Rosie Grossbaum

Rosie Grossbaum | Morristown, NJ | Age: 7
Recipient Bio: 
Rosie is a very active seven year old, she likes to swim, dance, do gymnastics, play with her little brother and most of all go to camp in the summer. She used her recreation grant to go to her favorite camp where she gets to swim and dance and play sports every single day. It’s hard for Rosie to always have to do her treatments and eat more food than she wants, but she does it anyway because she knows it keeps her healthy. She loves the time she spends at camp and wishes she could go all year round. Not being able to go to camp would make her really sad. She knows it would make her parents sad too because they want to be able to give her everything in the world. “Camp makes me feel strong, and healthy, and makes me happy!”
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