Leah Sands

Leah Sands | Lake Orion, MI | Age: 32
Recipient Bio: 
Leah started running in the summer of 2013 and immediately knew she had found an exercise that she loved. "There was such a freeing feeling it gave me- being out in the open air, being able to go at my own pace, and being able to feel the benefits immediately." Every day that she runs she feels an improvement in her energy levels, self- esteem, and overall health. Every time she sees an improvment in her health she is more motivated to to continue on the path of running. "It would be so wonderful to be able to start the spring months with better endurance, to be able to compete in more 5K races, and maybe even improve my times!" Leah used her recreation grant to get a gym membership so she can continue running through the cold winter months.
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