Kayla Hays

Kayla Hays | Chippewa, WI | Age: 30
Recipient Bio: 
For Kayla, horseback riding is one of the few activities that allows her to completely relax. Kayla loves how calming it is to be around her horse, Bailey, and to learn how to communicate with her. The hardest thing about CF for Kayla is how busy it keeps her. She has several medical treatments and regimens that she follows every day, she also works part time as medical laboratory technician and has three dogs to take care of. She finds that having the outlet of horseback riding to get away from the craziness is a huge release for her. She used her recreation grant to continue her horseback riding lessons at a local barn. “This grant has provided me an opportunity that I would not have had otherwise… I’m very motivated to live as long as I can, and I do my part in making that happen.”
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