Jennifer Gavilanes

Jennifer Gavilanes | Orange, CA | Age: 32
Recipient Bio: 
Jennifer loves to workout and used her recreation grant to get a gym membership for her and her peer support person. She had once been in basic training for the army and loved how she had to push herself to the limits and reach new goals she didn’t even know were possible. Even though she got sick and had to go home she looks at that time in her life as when she was the healthiest and strongest she had ever been. She knows that having your mental health in a good place helps your physical health, and vice versa. Jennifer hates getting sick and having to leave her six-year old daughter for two weeks at a time. She knows that staying active in a gym year round will help improve her breathing overall and will help keep her out of the hospital. “If I believe that I can stay out longer and my mind is free of worrying about leaving my little girl, it can happen.”
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