Jamie Nichols

Jamie Nichols | Richfield, MN | Age: 19
Recipient Bio: 
Jamie is an avid basketball player but after he tore his ACL last year it become harder for him to keep up with his teammates; having a knee injury and CF. He has played basketball since he was a young child and has always loved it more than any other sport. He enjoys the intensity of the games and the way his lungs and body feel after a hard game. Living in Minnesota it is hard for Jamie to play basketball year round. He used his recreation grant to get a membership to his local gym where he would not only be able to play inside during bad weather but he would also have access to equipment that he could do strength training on in the off season. Jamie also has a brother with CF and financially it is hard for their parents to keep up with all of their medications and hospital stays. Jamie plans on attending Iowa State University next year and pursuing his interest in Physical Therapy.
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