Erin Gunn

Erin Gunn | Los Angeles, CA | Age: 42
Recipient Bio: 
Erin received her CF diagnosis later in life, less than a year into her new marriage with her husband and just a few days after their first child was born. She was incredibly overwhelmed by all the information and sudden life changes she was facing. Her doctors told her that exercise and staying active would be really beneficial. She remembered feeling at her best when she was a competitive swimmer in high school, so she decided to get back into it. “There is nothing quite like being outside in the warm sun, pushing my body and my mind, knowing that with each stroke I take I am improving the quality of my life exponentially.” She has become more and more optimistic as she learns about CF and works with her doctors towards a healthy and long life. Her competitive nature has kept her aiming for higher lung function tests and clearer lungs. She plans on continuing with the forward momentum she has had from starting to swim again and wants to redefine what it means to live with CF.
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