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How the Pandemic is Working in Our Favor

In a world that's disconnected by a pandemic, we have to find the positives when we can. It’s been a challenging year of uncertainty, change, and underlying fear. This has especially been the case in the CF community as we are more at risk and immune-compromised. We have all felt this and been affected on a deep level.

Finding the time and finding the good in quarantine

My days of quarantine came to an end about two weeks ago. I’m an instructor at a college in the Twin Cities and we are back on campus as our students settle into their new normal; masks, sanitizing stations as far as the eye can see and an awkward distance between staff, friends, and classmates.

Conversation and a burger just off of I-85

As defined by Marriam-Webster, conversation is an oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas. When two people with Cystic Fibrosis get together over lunch, formal definitions are unnecessary.

Just off of I-85, I turned into the designated place in Valley, Alabama, a spot known for its golden crispy fries and all-day breakfast. But that afternoon, it was the place where two CFers who have been through a lot, were set to share their stories of battles with this chronic, lifelong ailment, that few truly understand.

Answering Our Kids' Hard Questions

“I’m all mixed up!” my daughter exclaims. Her arms shoot upward toward the mesh of the tent. The stars shine down, their tiny lights glowing more fervently by the minute.

We are camping in the stillness of our backyard, and my daughter is eager for clarification.

“What does God look like?”

My response is feeble at best.

Grace in a Time of Change

Treatments for cystic fibrosis have come a long long way in my 35 years. It’s kind of mindblowing to think about all the advancements I’ve seen. When I was diagnosed with CF at two weeks old, the doctor told my parents that the life expectancy wasn’t great, but to stay hopeful because a lot of research and progress was being made. I don’t think that doctor knew just how right she was!

The Spirit of Elvis and Cystic Fibrosis

It was a new place and the end of a long road trip. The final stop of the trip that I had, only days ago, and hundreds of miles away, met both a Cystic Fibrosis Warrior and the family of a fallen Cystic Fibrosis Warrior. Indeed, the family of a Cystic Fibrosis Angel

Join Us Virtually for Champ's Challenge 2020!

In the wake of an early Sunday morning, the anticipation of Champ's Challenge has settled in for the past four years (for me, personally). Knowing that we are gathering together has been comforting. Working hard as a team to fundraise for a humble cause, our community of supporters has made this possible every year. Gratitude runs deep when we work collectively.

STROLO Star: Lara Govendo

“The emphasis on awareness as a means of sharing only CF factoids inhibits others from
connecting with us as fellow human beings. Bridging the gap between education and the human connection begins with nourishing desires to develop understanding. The goal of awareness is to draw closer to each other. The knowledge of how our bodies operate fulfills only a slice of our need to be seen in our entirety.

The Pinwheel of an Angel

And the pinwheel was spinning. 

It was my first glimpse of Cloey Shelor, our Cystic Fibrosis Angel, whom I had met some seven years ago on Facebook. Such a vibrant young lady, I could already tell. She seemed to be a Cystic Fibrosis Warrior and celebrity from the very start, prior to even reaching the status of her teenage years. Her energy, her stamina, her talent. All were worthy of amazement.

Carving Mountains

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” – Norman McLean

We planned on a modest hike, roughly 900 feet in elevation to the top of a ridge where we were promised a scenic waterfall. Except, by this time of year, there’s no guarantee the waterfall will be roaring.

The sticky heat caused beads of sweat to run down my chest and back, as I puffed on my albuterol. I blocked the pain in my muscles as I forced myself to slow my breathing, regulating my heart rate while I checked my bag for salt tabs.


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