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Lara Govendo

In the wake of an early Sunday morning, the anticipation of Champ's Challenge has settled in for the past four years (for me, personally). Knowing that we are gathering together has been comforting. Working hard as a team to fundraise for a humble cause, our community of supporters has made this possible every year. Gratitude runs deep when we work collectively.

With unprecedented times at the forefront, it’s challenging to make plans with so many unknowns. Navigating the uncharted waters of a pandemic has made for an interesting 2020 so far. As we know, COVID-19 isn’t going away any time soon, either. Finding new (ab)normals is the way of the current world.

As states set their own standards for opening back up, those of us with CF have a different set of rules that we follow. While everyone else “gets back to life,” our lives remain cautious. Moreso than ever. Not having the luxury of taking risks with accordance to our health, we have to tread even lighter than the rest of the population. For those of us with double lung transplants, our compromised immune systems can’t fight an unknown virus. For those with CF airbags, their already overworked lungs can’t afford to add to their daily battles. Protecting our health from contracting the new deadly virus of corona is of utmost importance.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the power of technology! With that being said, this year, we at the CFLF, have decided to make our annual event, Champ's Challenge, virtual. The crew, along with dedicated volunteers, have been working diligently to develop a thoughtful plan. Keeping up with the rest of the world, the way has been paved for participating together apart.

It’s an exciting endeavor to construct a new plan for our event! Building a virtual event has motivated our creative flow of ideas. Typically a one-day event in person, this year it will take place across the span of ten days. Starting on August 7th we will kickoff Champs Challenge with an opening motivational speech to get you all started. Cyclists can choose from: a century ride (100 miles), metric century (62 miles), 40, 25, or 8 miles. Runners/walkers can choose from: a marathon (26.2 miles), half-marathon (13.1 miles), 10K, or 5K. The other option is for participants to choose and set their own challenge.

Whatever you choose, we are rolling out a picture of a “Flat Champ” to connect us while we participate. Each person can decorate their own picture of Champ and send a finished snapshot to us so we can share it in our slideshow. Such a fun way to bring everyone together while completing our individual challenges!

Additionally, we will be hosting a silent auction and raffle. Similar to a typical silent auction, participants can bid on items they're interested in. We have some exciting action items this year, so be sure to hop on the bidding war! The 50/50 raffle will also be available virtually, for a limited amount of time.

Our closing ceremony will be held on August 16th, the final day of the challenge. Taking place virtually of course, we will meet online at 8pm EST for a LIVE stream event. During this time, we will announce awards for those that met their challenges as well as call the winners of the auction and raffle. This will be a time of music, motivation, and fun!

Even though Champ's Challenge will look different this year, we still have the same goal: raising funds for Recreation Grants made available to individuals with CF. These grants provide those with CF the opportunity to partake in recreational activities that they otherwise wouldn't have the chance to participate in. During COVID-19, and the stay-at-home orders, we are also offering the option for individuals to apply for grants for exercise equipment for home use.

Here at the CFLF we are a family. We strive to encourage all of those living with cystic fibrosis. Our unique perspective as an organization sees each individual as a whole person as we reinforce our goal of providing support for one another on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

Thank you to all of our supporters! Your continued support means the world to us. We are so very blessed to be surrounded by a community that helps us do amazing work every day. You all have proven to us that nobody fights alone. We look forward to “seeing” you for our event and are excited to welcome your participation in a new way. Together apart, we, as a collective, are making a difference, and that makes ALL the difference. Air hugs and high fives!


 Help Others Live STRONGER and LONGER-




Lara is 33 years young and resides in Vermont. She has Cystic Fibrosis and received a double lung transplant in August 2017. A beacon of light for the existence of miracles; Lara enjoys adventures, nature, and belly laughs with her loves. She believes Jesus walks and pants are the devil. Passionate about spreading encouragement, she always lends an ear to those in need.
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***Please speak with your physician before making any changes to your CF management***


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