Between The Salty Lines

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Heather McCoy

Growing up I did not know anyone I could relate to that had Cystic Fibrosis. I finally connected with a guy older than me in my later teenage years who went to the same pulmonologist. As I went through so much I can remember thinking how great it would be if I could find someone to talk to that could understand. By the time I was 20 years old I was needing a double lung transplant. I began searching online trying to find whatever information I could on it and a success story. There are things that a health care provider can’t tell you only a patient can. I started making other CF friends in pulmonary rehab at Duke hospital. That is where I made some of my closest friends and I had a support system. Finally, after years I had what I wanted when I was a child. My best friend Nicole who was a two time double lung recipient told me one day I should write a book based on our perspective. I started to write and I thought about it but I was never sure if I would go through with it. So much transpired and in 2017 I developed chronic rejection of my donor lungs. This ultimately meant that I would need another double lung transplant at the age of 28. In a few years I had lost so many of my transplant friends to the same thing. One of them being  Nicole. I knew after I had survived so many complications with my second transplant it was time. 

That is when “Between The Salty Lines” came to life. There is a lot of vulnerability with this book. Through the awareness and education of CF and transplant I want others to know what it means to live with this cruel disease. I have become that person for others that I wanted when I was younger. I want to be known for more than just Cystic Fibrosis but I own it because after all it is part of my identity. My passions involve being a musician, a songwriter, an exercise physiologist and much more. One of my greatest accomplishments is being able to teach others exercise to have a better quality of life right here at CFLF. A lot of what I incorporate is from my experience with lung transplant rehab. This disease brings us into a special community. One that is filled with warriors that never stop fighting. I want to leave a legacy to show I always have shown up for battle. That I am a dreamer and that salt is within my soul. “Between The Salty Lines” is based on a woman who has determination, faith and grit to overcome all the obstacles she’s been dealt with. Living with Cystic Fibrosis and having the honor of being an organ recipient not only once but twice. I hope my story can bring hope to others. 

I just celebrated my 30th birthday and released it then. I chose that day because it was a birthday I didn’t know if I would ever see. I did and so it deserved something big. So, to celebrate not only my journey but all the warriors who fight CF I hope you will consider reading “Between The Salty Lines”. It is available on Amazon in three formats. Ebook, paperback and hardcover. If you would like to follow me on IG, Twitter or tiktok my username is heather_mccoy3 and my email can be found on the author page or the back of the book. 




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