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2023 Recreation Grant Cycle Is Now Open


Online applications available here


Applications are also available for download.


The deadlines for the 2023 cycle are:

First Grant Cycle Deadline - March 31, 2023 - 11:59pm EST


Second Grant Cycle Deadline - September 30, 2023 - 11:59pm EST


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Which CFLF Grant Is Best For You?

1. Are you a California resident applying for: Swimming, dance, golf, or horseback riding?

If Yes: Go to Loretta Morris Memorial Fund application page
If No: Go to next question

2. Is your grant request just for you?

If  Yes: Go to the Individual Grant application page
If No: Go to next question

3. Do you want to include a Peer Support Person in your grant?*

If Yes: Go to the Peer Support Grant application page

If your request does not match any of the above options please contact us at:


**Peer Support Person description:

A Peer Support Person is a less formal companion that enables a ‘best friend’ to participate in activities with the applicant, and act as a motivator to be active.  This person may be included by the applicant to accompany the recipient in their chosen activity. 
Up to $500 is added to the grant to cover the costs for this person.  Because the grant is offering to cover recreation expenses for both the recipient and a peer, it will be expected that the “Peer Support” person be involved for the duration of the activity.

**For guidelines and information about incorporating a peer support person in your recreation grant see the “Peer Support" section on our website.


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